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Reinventing Yourself – How To Reinvent & Brand Yourself

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50 Personal Branding Tips

Posted on July 30, 2012 by Jan Marino

  1. Remember, YOU are the product
  2. Determine what makes you unique and marketable
  3. Establish your personal brand by determining your measurable accomplishments
  4. Ask five colleagues to give you three descriptors of you and use them in your value statement
  5. Create a vision statement for yourself
  6. Decide what contribution you make to your organization
  7. Take back your career by being accountable for it
  8. Be prepared to reinvent yourself every five years.
  9. Stay current on your industry trends
  10. Cultivate a dynamic network-include professionals outside of your area of expertise
  11. Volunteer your time and give back.
  12. Exercise at least 15 minutes a day
  13. Remember to breathe when you’re stressed
  14. Help someone who’s in a job search….you’ll probably be in one soon…it’s the way of the work world these days.
  15. Build an accountability team for yourself.
  16. Set daily goals and celebrate reaching them
  17. Uncover your current career fitness level.
  18. Learn to network like a pro.
  19. Read a funny book to stimulate your sense of humor.
  20. Hide your tattoos – really, I mean it!
  21. Create your value statement-“I am very good at_____. What that means to my clients is_______.
  22. Invest in a professional headshot-it’s worth the investment because you want to be perceived as professional
  23. Listen more than you talk
  24. Learn to listen for needs
  25. Become a guest blogger and increase your visibility on line
  26. Write a weekly blog on industry trends
  27. Become a resource center for clients
  28. Don’t burn bridges – it leaves scorch marks
  29. Look for the best in everyone
  30. Keep your Linkedin profile updated
  31. Join Linkedin groups and start discussion. You will increase views of your profile.
  32. Create a website for yourself and highlight your accomplishments
  33. Update your resume yearly focusing on your measurable accomplishments
  34. Decide how you want to be perceived in the marketplace i.e. professional, organized, expert
  35. Remember, your Linkedin profile is not your resume….keep is short and interesting to read.
  36. Create a PowerPoint presentation for yourself – post it on Linkedin and Facebook
  37. Eliminate all party pictures from your Facebook – especially the bathtub shots!
  38. Learn to read body language
  39. Practice what you preach-your career depends on it
  40. Be a mentor
  41. Praise your team when they excel
  42. Call a contact you haven’t talked to several months and ask how their business is
  43. Attend one “in person” networking event a quarter
  44. Join an industry association and become involved in a project to increase your visibility
  45. Take a different route to work tomorrow – change is good
  46. Stay away from office gossip….it’s messy
  47. Always dress professionally and appropriately
  48. Accept defeat gracefully
  49. Save “hissy fits” for the drive home
  50. Show up every day

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