What the blankity blank blog am I doing? New Visions

New Visions

“Seeing” things a little differently

Exactly… what am I doing?

As if I don’t have enough to do around this time of year, here I go with another challenge. I’m beginning to realize that I like challenges. Maybe it spurs my emotions to stretch and go further than what I think I can do. Whatever the reason, I seem to find myself right in the middle of different types of challenges.

I work a full-time job, live in two different houses (that’s another story for another day), getting ready to participate in an arts and crafts fair coming up soon, cooking Thanksgiving dinner, writing speeches for toastmasters, managing my new website, finish my memoirs, and this @#$*! blog!

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Please don’t misunderstand me…I love my blog. It has brought me much joy, writing my thoughts and connecting with so many cool people like you. But, here I go… participating in yet another challenge. It’s the WordPress, November NaBloPoMo challenge. I am supposed to write every day for the entire month. Sounded fun at first…it suddenly just dawned on me that I am BUSY!

Another challenge that I have created for myself? I am attempting to quit drinking diet sodas. I am three days into being completely diet soda free! I have been experiencing a lot of insomnia lately and I want to see if this helps. (also knowing diet soda is not healthy for me.)

So, forgive me if I am rambling. I just had to get a post in before I continue with my long list of “things to do.”

Have a great day everyone!


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